Kenya Values Trust

The trust is spearheaded by Mrs. Priscilla Were whose impact as a passionate successful teacher has managed to open and run a school, Glory Value School, purely based on the values system. Mrs. Were has visited several other schools in consultancy to talk about the value system.

Mrs. Priscilla Were has nurtured Kenya Values Trust since she was 22 years old as the head of Kisoko Girls School. Mrs. Were’s former students from Butere Girls High, Bunyore Girls and Lugulu Girls school, share testimonies about how the values taught by Mrs. Were changed their lives positively. However, at the time it was just considered as a way of life by both Mrs. Were and her students.

The ‘Were Magic’ as it was called then because it was not really defined as values system, has been seen as the base of Kenya Values Trust because of the values it rooted in students. The trust wants to be part of restoration of families through healing Kenya. This is geared towards saving Kenya from past hurt. This system will also give Kenya a chance to have future leaders bread of values. The system is meant to positively change the leadership of the country.

The purpose of the Trust is to:

  • Get a documented value approach in life and in school emphasizing on children and youth. The goal is to ingrain the values of love, integrity, honesty, peace, unity, reconciliation, liberty, responsibility, justice, tolerance, respect and sharing in order to foster cohesion, unity, patriotism and nationalism.
  • To secure the fullest possible development of body, mind and heart; and a fruitful channelization of the life-energy in pursuits that contribute to the growth of both internal and external personality among Kenyans, with specific emphasis on children and youth.
  • Lobby the relevant government agencies, including the ministry of education and the institutions mandate with the development and approval of school curricula to introduce value education as a necessary component of the Primary School and Secondary Schools curriculum.
  • Collaborate with the relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Education and the institutions mandated with the development and approval of school curricula to develop a value based curriculum for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools in Kenya.
  • Lobby tertiary institutions and universities to include value education to their students.
  • Collaborate with tertiary institutions and universities to develop value education models for their student.
  • To lobby the relevant governmental agencies and other key state actors in the education sector, including but not limited to parents and teachers to foster and enhance value based socialization of Kenyans, with specific emphasis on children and youth
  • To partner with other non-state actors in the education sector, including other trusts, N.G.Os, Religious Organizations and the media to facilitate a holistic approach towards value based education among Kenyans with specific emphasis on children and youth.
  • To collaborate with all state and non-state actors, researchers, experts, writers and publishers to develop learning materials, including books and teaching aids, on values.
  • To organize meeting, conferences, trainings, symposia, and other foras for values education.
  • To develop models and pilot projects for value education.

Kenya Values Trust engages children as young as three years while youth is the majority target.

The trust stands on three pillars:

  1. Partnerships (that will support and nurture the school through partnerships and foundations)
  2. Mentorship (Youth within and without the School are inducted into the value system. Have exchange programmes and school visits)
  3. Glory Value School (the tried and tested prototype on reforming the educational system already in place at Butere)