About us

About Us

Ni Sisi! Is an ideology born of hundreds of honest conversations with hundreds of Kenyans across the country. Despite markedly different challenges to life from one town to another, a few things stand out. All Kenyans have some powerful things in common. Kenyans feel dis-empowered to engage their leaders in day to day civic matters. Kenyans do not trust the security apparatus. Kenyans feel left out of the economic fruits that the elite are always talking about.

Ni Sisi! starts at the bottom, connecting individuals and a wide variety of grassroots organizations working for positive social change around a set of core values.

Our core values

Ni Sisi! believes in the core values of Respect, Diversity and Self Belief.

Respect: Ni SiSi encourages mutual respect for all regardless of social, cultural, political or economic status.

Diversity: Ni Sisi believes that our diversity is what glues us together as a nation. Diversity recognises inclusivity and harmony among all Kenyans.

Self Belief: Ni Sisi’s rallying call is that Kenyas problems have Kenyan- grown solutions implemented by Kenyans.

We work towards building a critical mass of like-minded citizens striving for a better Kenya.

Ni Sisi! It is us!